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This Republican will reportedly launch a presidential bid in February

Woke school district promotes upcoming BLM flag-hoisting event

Police arrest Seattle-area pastor for allegedly dealing drugs, including fentanyl, cocaine, and meth

Beauty company claims dictionary examples of the word ‘beauty’ are ‘limiting and exclusive,’ calls for change

Police say man accused of torturing women is using dating apps to find more victims and people to help him evade cops

Woman accused of trying to kill doppelganger friend with poisoned cheesecake so she could steal her identity and return to Russia where she is wanted for murder of another woman

Woke Groundhog Day

Catholic students kicked out of the Smithsonian ​for wearing pro-life hats

King of Pop’s nephew Jaafar to play him in biopic

Nebraska Dem tries to ‘make a point’ with proposal to punish those who bring kids to ‘religious indoctrination camp’