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100 former employees accuse Twitter of legal violations, including gender discrimination

100 former employees of Twitter Inc. have been accused of legal wrong-doing as lawsuits continue to mount following Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform, after which he implemented mass layoffs.

Allegations include the targeting of women for layoffs along with failing to pay promised severance, according to Reuters.

The former employees will likely be barred from participating in class action lawsuits after signing legal agreements to bring their disputes against the company into arbitration as opposed to court, according to Shannon Liss-Riordan, who represents the workers.

However, the claims are said to be similar to four existing lawsuits against the company.

“The conduct of Twitter since Musk took over is incredibly egregious, and we will pursue every avenue to protect workers and extract from Twitter the compensation that is due to them,” Liss-Riordan said.

Sex discrimination, breach of contract, and illegal termination of employees are some of the accusations levied against Twitter; the latter of which alleges employees who were on medical or parental leave were also let go.

In early November 2022, an employee alleged that he was fired assisting others who were laid off.

In mid-November 2022, a disabled person took up litigation against the company for Elon Musk’s very public stance on banning remote work.

A lawsuit in early December 2022 claimed that Twitter targeted women for layoffs. As mentioned, this lawsuit is different from the legal complaints made by the 100 employees.

Twitter cut 3,700 employees after Musk’s acquisition of the platform, sparking resignations from hundreds more. It was reported that 360 employees formed a private group called “voluntary-layoff” on Slack, the work group-chat platform.

Musk was the subject of digital smears on the side of the San Francisco Twitter headquarters after his purchase, labeling him a “apartheid profiteer,” “lawless oligarch,” as well as an “insecure colonizer” and more.

u201cTwitter’s San Francisco headquarters has gone hardcore tonight. #TwitterTakeoveru201d

— Muskrat McRatfu*ker needs to resign as CEO uea00 (@Muskrat McRatfu*ker needs to resign as CEO uea00)

Some complaints filed to the U.S. labor board allege that Twitter violated federal labor laws by terminating employees who criticized the company and attempted to organize a strike.

The lawyer representing the group of ex-employees said that she intends to file more legal claims on behalf of the former Twitter folk, saying she has spoken to hundreds of additional complainants.