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AOC-backed candidate Kristen Gonzalez scores victory in Democratic New York state Senate primary and proclaims, ‘socialism wins’

Kristen Gonzalez, a self-described “Democratic socialist,” won the Democratic primary for New York state Senate district 59.

Gonzalez, who had been endorsed by Democratic U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, said, “socialism wins.”

u201c@Gonzalez4NY, who just won the pivotal Democratic primary for NY State Senate District 59, walks into her victory party to tremendous applause. u201cToday we really proved that socialism wins,u201d she said.u201d

— George Joseph (@George Joseph)

“Neighborhoods across Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens resoundingly elected a 27-year-old socialist Latina to office,” the candidate tweeted. “Our collective victory showed that our power as democratic socialists isn’t just safe, it’s growing,” she tweeted. “We multiplied our strength to show once and for all that socialism is here to stay,” she wrote.

The left-wing candidate’s campaign website has a “Queer Liberation Platform” section.

“In order to fully acheive queer liberation, we must directly address the attacks on queer and trans rights, along with ensuring our housing, healthcare, and education system are intersectional and provide dignity for all,” the website reads.

She also advocates for “comprehensive sex eduction that is fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ students … to help queer youth better understand themselves and form healthy relationships in their life going forward.”

Gonzalez is also a climate alarmist.

“The climate crisis isn’t just coming — it’s here. At just one degree of warming, we’ve witnessed fires across the West Coast, deep freezes in Texas, and flash floods like Tropical Storm Ida last summer, which took at least 43 lives. People shouldn’t have to breathe poisoned air or die in flooded basements while fossil fuel companies make billions killing our planet,” her campaign site declares.

Her website calls for shutting down “existing fossil fuel infrastructure in and near the district, including the Ravenswood Generating Station, New York City’s largest power plant.”

Gonzalez, who includes “She/her” pronouns on her Twitter account, has said that she will advocate for women and all individuals’ “right” to abortion.

Her platform indicates that she will push “for free, universal reproductive care, including abortion access, prenatal, and maternal care.”

2022 Meet the Candidates: Kristen Gonzalez for State Senate District 59