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Biden’s response to Trevor Noah’s ‘not so funny’ dig at WHCA dinner says it ALL

During the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday, the first since 2019 due to the COVID pandemic, comedian Trevor Noah took a moment out of his 35-minute roast-fest to take aim at President Joe Biden and the raging inflation in America.

“Since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up! Everything!” Noah said to Biden.

u201cSince youu2019ve come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up! Everything!u201dnnBIDEN: *laughs*

— RNC Research (@RNC Research)

Biden’s guffawing at the expense of hard-hit Americans was not well received by many folks on Twitter:

There it is:nnComplete and utter scorn for working families coming from Biden and Democrats. nnThey believe struggling families are nothing more but a punchline.

— Jesus E. Solorio, Jr (@Jesus E. Solorio, Jr)

Not so funny to

— mike brainard (@mike brainard)

Cheap shots at the literal expense of lower income families that are struggling donu2019t quite land on the spectrum of funny for most Americans. ud83eudee4

— Bean ud83eudeb4 (@Bean ud83eudeb4)

Iu2019m glad the elites can get together and laugh about the suffering of America.

— William Waring (@William Waring)

Yeah, because struggling families having to pay more for gas, rent, and food is absolutely hilarious

— Cuckmeister General ud83eudd83ud83cudf42 ud83cudf41 (@Cuckmeister General ud83eudd83ud83cudf42 ud83cudf41)

Lmao those poor people struggling to get by, hilarious am I right, laugh along with me fellow rich folk

— DiegoSanchezu2019sCTE (@DiegoSanchezu2019sCTE)