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Charlamagne tha God shocks panel when he praises ‘genius’ Ron DeSantis for exposing Dem ‘hypocrisy’ on immigration

Charlamagne tha God called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) a “genius” last Thursday for exposing the hypocrisy of Democrats on immigration.

Speaking on his Comedy Central show “Hell of a Week,” Charlamagne tha God praised DeSantis for exposing the double standard of sanctimonious Democrats outraged over Republican governors transporting migrants to sanctuary cities.

“For months, Republican governors have sent busloads of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities like New York, D.C., and Chicago, with the message of, ‘If you like them so much, they’re yours, OK?'” Charlamagne began. “Well, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis upped the game by sending two planefuls of immigrants to the East Coast, elites’ favorite vacation island, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

“I personally think it’s genius,” he declared.

According to Charlamagne, Republicans governors are forcing Democrats to prove they do not want immigrants in their communities despite posturing as migrant sanctuaries.

“But I wish that governors like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott would give Democratic governors and mayors more of a heads-up, because then, that would expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats, which is they don’t want immigrants here, either,” he said.

Charlamagne & His Panelists Debate About DeSantis Flying Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Charlamagne’s panel — consisting of Angela Rye, Malcolm Gladwell, and Roy Wood Jr. — actually made salient points themselves.

Wood, for instance, pointed out that sanctuary cities, which are mostly run by Democrats, are the “same cities that ship out their homeless people to the outside counties.”

“A lot of these Democratic cities, ‘Oh, we love people, oh we love people. Hey homeless man, get your a** out of here.’ They deliberately hide people already. So a lot of these Democrats that are complaining about the Republicans are running something similar within their own counties,” Wood said.

Rye, meanwhile, asked why the U.S. government repeatedly sends billions of dollars to help Ukraine fight its war against Russia while the border crisis and migrant crisis rage on stateside.

“Why can’t we use those same resources to figure out what to do with immigrant populations here?” she asked.

Rye, however, claimed that Republican governors are sending migrants out of their states because they have brown skin (which isn’t always true; Hispanic people are born with every tone of skin color, from white to dark brown).

For Rye’s claim to be true, she would have to explain why Martha’s Vineyard immediately expelled the migrants to Cape Cod.

After all, more than 89% of residents in Duke County, which mostly consists of Martha’s Vineyard, are white, according to U.S. Census data. It sure seems like the inverse of Rye’s claim is true.