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COO of vegan food company Beyond Meat arrested for CHOMPING down on man’s face

A top executive at Beyond Meat, a plant-based food company, was arrested for reportedly biting a man’s nose in a parking garage near Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville, Arkansas, last weekend.

Chief Operating Officer Doug Ramsey faces charges of terroristic threatening and third-degree battery after allegedly chomping down on a man’s face and “ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose” during an altercation following the University of Arkansas football team’s victory over Missouri State.

According to
reports, Ramsey was attempting to leave the parking garage in his Ford Bronco when a Subaru “inched his way” in front of him and made contact with his front passenger’s side tire. Ramsey allegedly “punched through the back windshield of the Subaru” before attacking the Subaru driver with both fists and teeth.

Ramsey “pulled [the Subaru driver] in close and started punching his body,” then “bit the owner’s nose, ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose,” according to

The irony of a vegan food executive trying to make a meal of a human being’s face was not missed by those jokesters on Twitter.

u201cWhen you finally get sick of eating plant based meat: n

— High Yield Harry (@High Yield Harry)

u201cI donu2019t think Iu2019ve heard of anything more ironic than the COO of Beyond Meat attempting to bite a manu2019s nose off.u201d

— Samantha Marika (@Samantha Marika)

u201cNo one: nnCEO of Beyond Meat:u201d

— wizard. (@wizard.)

u201cI was gonna joke that doesnu2019t count as u201cbeyond meatu201d but it wasu2026 a bit on the noseu201d

— Arlen Parsa (@Arlen Parsa)

u201cAll of us when we see why Beyond Meat is trending:u201d

— Pizza Dad (@Pizza Dad)

u201cCOO Beyond Meat says it tastes like chicken nbut smells like noseu201d

— Apologetic Canadian (@Apologetic Canadian)

BlazeTV host Stu Burguiere is a vegetarian and also just happens to be the executive producer of the Glenn Beck radio program. Glenn joined “Stu Does America” to do a taste test of the plant-based “McPlant” burger, a Beyond Meat product, to see how it fares against the competition. In case you missed it, this was without a doubt the most ridiculous (but hilarious) plant-based food review so far.

Watch the video clip below. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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