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‘Don’t give them what they WANT’: Glenn Beck cautions conservatives against Trump-DeSantis divide

Immediately following the mostly disappointing 2022 midterm elections, many conservatives have rushed to back either rising GOP star Gov. Ron DeSantis or former President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

But Glenn Beck cautioned conservatives not to engage in the post-midterm debate between Trump and DeSantis, saying instead that we are blessed to have both men fighting on the side of freedom.

“I am not going to engage in this and I urge you not to engage in this. We have an opportunity right now to have both of these guys on our side. I want both of them in the fight,” Glenn said on the radio program.

“Let’s count our blessings of having two great fighters. Can you name one on the Democratic side?” he asked.

“Let’s celebrate that we have two of them and let the system work it out. We cannot separate ourselves from one another. If Donald Trump wins the nomination, I am all in. If Ron DeSantis wins the nomination, I am all in. It is really important that we don’t divide ourselves. That’s what the Democrats do. That’s what they need us to do,” Glenn continued. “Don’t give them what they want.”

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