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Foul-mouthed leftist tries derailing Portland city council meeting — but left-wing mayor Ted Wheeler cuts her mic, lets her have it: ‘Nobody really cares what you think’

Portland’s progressive mayor Ted Wheeler pulled no punches with a potty-mouthed leftist who tried to take over a city council meeting earlier this month, speaking over Wheeler until he was forced to cut off her microphone and chastise her.

What are the details?

The meeting took place March 1 but wasn’t widely reported on. It had entered a public comment period in regard to a report from Portland’s Police Accountability Commission, the Oregonian said, adding that a woman at the microphone — who addressed the mayor as “Ted” — instead spoke about Commissioner Rene Gonzalez’s ban on distributing tents and tarps to unsheltered residents.

Wheeler soon began to try to get the woman to stop, but she wouldn’t end her rapid-fire treatise. Wheeler finally had her microphone cut.

When the mayor finally had the only amplified voice, he said ,”[T]his is extremely disrespectful to the Police Accountability Commission that have this floor right now to discuss their item. You’re not talking about that, so either get on topic, or we’re gonna ask you to leave.”

The woman kept arguing: “Do you see these people standing up? We’re all here for it.” The Oregonian said about 10 people had gathered inside the City Hall chambers to testify.

“Well, you’re here at the wrong time. I’m sorry,” Wheeler replied. The outlet said he told the group members they could visit the council clerk and sign up to give public testimony at a future council meeting.

“Lift the ban,” the rogue speaker persisted. “It’s killing people, it’s inhumane, and it’s evil.”

With that, she turned her head to her comrades and asked, “Can I get a f*** Ted Wheeler …?”

Dutifully, at least one other person yelled out, “F*** Ted Wheeler!”

Wheeler was unimpressed: “You know, when you do that, it actually totally undercuts the rest of your argument.”

“I don’t really f***ing care what you think, Ted!” someone — presumably the cut-off speaker — shot back at the mayor.

“And as a result of your behavior, nobody really cares what you think either,” Wheeler replied.

Soon Wheeler warned that the meeting would shift to virtual if there was “one more outburst.”

“I don’t care if you like me or not,” the mayor explained to detractors, adding that “I don’t know why you think your opinion is more important … I’m just asking you to be decent people. Can you do that?”

The Oregonian said the next speaker also addressed Gonzalez’s tent ban, and with that, Wheeler called for a 10-minute recess after which the meeting reconvened virtually.

Content warning: Profanity:

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler calls out far-left extremist’s tirade at city council

Anything else?

Wheeler has helmed Portland since 2016, and the city soon became an even bigger hotbed of radical leftist activity, playing host to Antifa rioting and violence and also rampant homelessness.

Despite his progressive politics, Wheeler hasn’t attracted much love from fellow leftists in Portland. To wit:

In early 2021, left-wing radicals actually punched and screamed at Wheeler during a restaurant dinner.Not long after that, Wheeler — in fear for his safety — pepper-sprayed a man in his eyes who confronted him about mask mandates and then followed him on a Portland street. Before driving away, Wheeler told police he “threw a full water bottle toward” the man “so that he could wash out his eyes with water.”In 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic and the George Floyd rioting, Wheeler tried talking to rioters — and they shredded him to bits.Earlier in 2020, a Portland activist threatened Wheeler for not freezing rent amid the coronavirus outbreak, saying, “I should just come to you and cough on you!

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