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Glenn Beck tries his best NOT to gloat after CNN dumps Brian Stelter

When Glenn Beck heard that CNN had canned his old pal Brian Stelter, he knew that he had two choices of how to respond: One would be fun, entertaining, and very well-deserved — and the other more “Christ-like.”

So, of course, Glenn chose to take the high road, but Stu Burguiere wasn’t about to let him miss out on this golden opportunity to gloat, just a little, at the soon-to-be-unemployed host of “Reliable Sources.” After all, it wasn’t that long ago that the “smug-faced” Stelter invited a certain conservative host onto his show to talk about why Americans don’t seem to trust the media anymore, only to waylay his guest with a “gotcha” question about the future of his company.

Watch the video clip below to see Glenn use every ounce of self-restraint not to gloat as Stu tempts him with one particularly enticing flashback with Brian Stelter:

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