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HS student beats teacher bloody, leaves him with head injuries, victim’s wife says: ‘I don’t think people should have the crap beat out of them when they go to work’

Cellphone video captured the moment a Georgia high school student beat a teacher Tuesday.

The teacher’s wife said her husband was left with head injuries, a bloody mouth, and dizziness, WSB-TV reported, adding that he also visited urgent care for treatment.

Here’s the blurred clip from inside a classroom at Discovery High School in Lawrenceville:

A fellow student appears to jump on top of the aggressor who had landed at least 10 punches in a wild flurry. It also appears the attacker’s sister threatens the student who intervened, and then the clip ends.

The victim’s wife, who wished to remain anonymous, told WSB her husband spoke to the parents of the attacker about his poor English class performance the day before.

“I don’t think people should have the crap beat out of them when they go to work,” the teacher’s wife also told the station, adding that she’d like “better security” and “for a student not [to] have to be the one that pulls another student off of my loved one.”

Now what?

Principal Marci Sledge said in a letter to parents that the attacking student “will face criminal charges in addition to school disciplinary consequences,” WXIA-TV reported.

“Using physical violence to attack students and/or staff will not be tolerated at our school,” Sledge added, according to WXIA. “It is not only against our school disciplinary policy, it is against the law.”

She also said officials are “looking at issuing school disciplinary consequences to students who helped plan and/or record the attack and attempted to upload it online,” WXIA said.

Fighting already an issue

Parents and other staff members recently spoke out in anger to board members of Gwinnett County Public Schools regarding the policy keeping violent students in school and restoring them, WXIA said.

Officials told WXIA fights on district campuses are up 35% over the same time period last year, and the number of weapons found in schools has nearly doubled — up 88%. The station added that there were 17 guns and knives found from August through October last year — but 32 guns and knives were found during the same period this year.