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HS student with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, use of just one arm brutally beaten by gang of teens at school, mom says: ‘He couldn’t fight back even if he wanted to’

A Georgia mother is asking for criminal charges against a group of teens she said brutally beat up her son who suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and has the use of just one of his arms, WSB-TV reported.

What are the details?

The victim’s mother, who didn’t want to be identified, shared video of the attack with a WSB reporter, the station said.

The blurred clip shows a gang of students jumping on and pummeling the victim in a mob-like attack in the gymnasium of North Clayton High School, the station said. The school is located about 17 minutes south of Atlanta.

“He’s on the bleachers, in between the bleachers,” the mother told WSB. “Everybody is jumping, kicking, punch[ing] … he has cerebral palsy, so he only uses one of his arms. So he couldn’t fight back even if he wanted to.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

She added to the station that the attack started after other students saw her son horsing around with a female friend, whom he accidentally scratched. The beating lasted several minutes, and she said her son suffered bruises and cuts on his face, WSB noted.

“His leg was injured … he couldn’t walk out of the school yesterday,” she also told the station. “I had to almost carry him out to the car.”

The victim also suffered a serious epileptic seizure when he got home that his mother said lasted about three minutes and was likely related to the attack, WSB reported.

She added to the station the she saw no teachers anywhere near the mob-like attack.

“I heard a whistle on the video, but I didn’t see a teacher in sight,” she told WSB. “One of his friends, a girl, she was breaking it up.”

Anything else?

The mom said the school’s principal assured her that action would be taken against the students who attacked her son, the station said, adding that she nevertheless isn’t planning on allowing him to return to the school due to what she saw on screen.

“It’s terrible,” she noted to WSB. “I can’t even watch the video anymore.”

The station said a Clayton County School District representative indicated that officials are investigating the incident and working with district police to address it.

Video shows group of teens brutally attack student with cerebral palsy in Clayton classroom WSB-TV