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‘Jesus was trans!’ Protesters clash at ‘all ages’ drag show

Protesters demonstrated outside an “all ages drag brunch” in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, clashing with supporters who eventually accosted the protesters on the street, destroying their signs. The standoff ensued for more than two hours in freezing weather, according to independent reporter Abdusselam Bezirgan. No arrests were reported.

The drag show, titled “Waffle-y cute: an all ages drag brunch,” took place at the Attic, a bar that has hosted drag shows previously, in the liberal district of Inglewood, Calgary. The venue posted about the event boasting its “fully plant based brunch menu,” with protesters organizing on Facebook with a message of “protect the children.” The protest event page has since been deleted.

u201cTENSIONS RUN HIGH:nAn all ages Drag Queen show hosted at The Attic Bar & Stage in Calgary, Alberta attracts protesters. nnA supporter of the event caught on camera stealing the signs of protesters.nnSupport my work

— Abdusselam Bezirgan (@Abdusselam Bezirgan)

“Two women stole two protesters’ signs and the altercation forced them into oncoming traffic,” Bezirgan told Blaze Media.

“Police presence grew from two officers to 12 as tensions kept rising,” he continued. “The LGBTQ side chanted ‘Jesus was trans’ and called the protesters ‘Nazis’,” the reporter concluded.

Protesters held signs reading such as “freedom for our children,” while counterprotesters demonstrated with signs such as “we’re here, we’re queer, we will not live in fear.”

u201cHeavy police presence after physical altercations between protesters outside a bar hosting an all ages drag Queen show in Calgary, AB. nnDespite treacherous weather conditions (feels like -37C) the standoff ensued for hours. nnSupport my work

— Abdusselam Bezirgan (@Abdusselam Bezirgan)

Multiple social media accounts caught wind of the protest and posted on Twitter calling for counterprotesters to attend the event.

“Today is a day of action for ‘white lives matter’ with events around the world being targeted by white supremacists,” one Twitter post reads.

“Meet at Vegan Street below the Attic Bring friends, signs, FLAGS and noise to drown out the hate,” another account says, using a siren emoji.

“Please come and join protectors to keep performers & patrons safe from anti-2SLGBTQ+ protestors at this all-ages drag brunch tomorrow,” a user said while linking to a saved image referring to another child drag show as a “child grooming event,” which links to a group called “Dragging Youth.

According to their events page, the group “Dragging Youth” facilitated at least eight drag queen shows for children in 2022, including one called “Anime Magic” and another titled “CAMP-ing out.”

Photo via Facebook / Meta