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Lady Gaga tells Dallas she hopes Texas turns blue.  Steven Crowder destroys her hopes with FACTS

Californians do not leave beautiful California beaches for Texas heat because they think tornadoes and suffocating humidity sound like a great time. People leave California for Texas for opportunities and policies that foster an environment for businesses to succeed. Because so many Californians move to Texas these days, the once Republican red state is turning purple.

So, Lady Gaga performed Tuesday night in Dallas, Texas, telling her fans that she wants to turn the state blue.

Lady Gaga performed “Born This Way,” her ode to her LGBTQ fans, which was reportedly “peppered with encouragement.” according to The Observer.

The Observer wrote: “She wasn’t afraid to hit on heavy topics, Lady Gaga expressed her love for Texas’ “purple, purple heart” and said she hoped it would “turn blue” soon. She addressed audience members who may feel uncomfortable hearing about politics during a pop show, saying the fact that they were uncomfortable meant they needed to hear it.” Because if anyone knows what Texans need, it is a native New Yorker expressing her hope to thousands of uninformed voters to be more like California.

Gaga later dedicated her next song, “Angel Down,” to Texans she felt weren’t being “kept safe.”

Steven Crowder addressed Gaga’s comments on “Louder with Crowder” on Thursday’s show. He explained why the red to purple swing in the Lone Star State.

“Most of Texas is kind of ugly,” Steven said. He added that as Californians move to Texas and turn it purple, much of the Latino population is keeping it red. Watch the clip to see Steven explain why.

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