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Man’s simple question makes medical workers go​ SILENT during a pro-BLM protest

Today’s most divisive and inflammatory social and political issues are often categorized as controversial, but are they? It seems many public debates are not all that controversial because the arguments are more a matter of logic vs. insanity.

In this video, a man approaches a group of Black Lives Matter activists from the medical community holding a protest.

The man approached the demonstration and asked if some black lives matter or all black lives matter. The protesters enthusiastically agreed that all black lives matter. The man pressed them a bit more.

“Black men killed by black men matter, right?” he asked.

“Yes,” the crowd responded.

“What about the black babies killed in abortion clinics?” he asked. The crowd was silent. “Thought so,” he said, adding that all black lives matter, including the black babies killed in the womb.

“If we don’t respect the lives of our unborn children enough to save them and fight for them, then our lives mean nothing once we are born,” he said.

This!! 🔥🔥🔥

— Popstryingagain (@popstryingagain) May 4, 2022

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