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Mets will finally win, Bills will always lose: Predicting 2023 major sports champs

The start of a new year year brings what every sports fan looks forward to every year: favorite sports analysts making horrible predictions.

From Tom Brady finally retiring to the Toronto Maple Leafs lifting the Stanley Cup, the same claims come in year after year … but readers won’t get that here!

NFL: Never bet against Brady

It’s a simple equation: Tom Brady wins 75% (35-12) of his playoff games. Joe Burrow’s Bengals will make noise, but there isn’t enough room in the AFC for Buffalo, Cincinnati, and Kansas City. Luckily for Buffalo fans, there is simply no way they will ever win the Super Bowl, so there’s no reason for them to get their hopes up.

Brady has been a Super Bowl champion every other year since 2014 (’14, ’16, ’18, ’20). This undeniable evidence means Tampa Bay wins over the Kansas City Chiefs again.

Super Bowl winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NBA: Make Portnoy proud again

Fans are sick of Steph Curry. His appearance in six of the last eight finals, winning four, bothers everyone. After 2022, time appears to be on the Celtics’ side, and if Dave Portnoy can wreak havoc again (in a good way), they are a shoe-in.

“I’ve got Boston winning it this year. Tatum magic,” says Alejandro Avila, writer for OutKick and Fox Sports. Avila adds that he could see the Milwaukee Bucks dethroning the Celtics if Khris Middleton is healthy.

No matter who makes it out of the West, no team has the firepower to match the Celtics or the Bucks.

NBA champion: Boston Celtics

MLB: Come on out and greet the Mets!

The Mets haven’t won since 1986 and have just two playoff wins in the last 10 years. Still, they’ll overachieve first and foremost with outstanding pitching, with the hopeful addition of Carlos Correa complementing their lineup that features both slappers and sluggers.

“Astros/Mets in the World Series. Mets pitch their way to a title,” says sports podcaster and writer Gary Sheffield Jr..

“I think Cohen and Correa work out a deal here to get this done after the failed physicals. Verlander will also make a huge difference in the clubhouse,” he added.

World Series champions: New York Mets

NHL: Same old

Much like the Buffalo Bills, the Toronto Maple Leafs are cursed. No amount of high-level talent can change the franchise’s culture. Instead, expect some of the old faithful to reign supreme once again. The betting favorites are indeed the best choices here: the Boston Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche.

“Detroit Red Wings,” John Doyle simply predicts, before launching into expletives when asked to explain his choice. But he’s wrong.

The Avalanche’s never-ending talent, led by Nathan MacKinnon, Cale Makar, and Mikko Rantanen, have the X factor to win it all again.

Stanley Cup champion: Colorado Avalanche

Happy New Year!