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Missing baby rescued after moms heroically track down, capture kidnapping suspect using ‘mother’s intuition’

Two Indiana mothers worked together to solve the case of a missing Ohio baby last week using “mother’s intuition.” The moms successfully tracked down the suspected kidnapper, aided in the arrest, and rescued the 5-month-old child, WEWS-TV reported.

What’s the background?

Kason and Kyair Thomas, 5-month-old twins, were abducted on December 19.

The Ohio twins were in the back seat of their mother’s vehicle as she left the car running to pick up a food order inside a restaurant. When the mother turned around, her car was gone, according to LaFonda Thomas, the boys’ grandmother.

Columbus police issued an Amber Alert following the incident and reported that the suspected kidnapper was 24-year-old Nalah Jackson.

Around 4 a.m. the following day, Kyair was located abandoned outside in the cold at the Dayton International Airport. His twin brother, Kason, was still missing.

How two mothers solved the case

Shyann Delmar was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a mug shot of Jackson. Delmar believed she recognized the suspect as a woman she had purchased toys from on December 20.

According to Delmar, the seller went by the name “Mae,” and the two had exchanged numbers. After purchasing toys from the suspect, Delmar stated that she had dropped her off at a dollar store.

Believing “Mae” might be Jackson, Delmar and her cousin, Mecka Curry, jumped into action to locate the suspected kidnapper and rescue the missing baby. The two shared the details of their successful rescue plan on TikTok.

Delmar and Curry claimed it was difficult to pull off because the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department did not believe them or take them seriously. They also noted that they attempted to work with Columbus Police but were advised to contact IMPD.

The mothers devised a plan to get “Mae” into their vehicle, then coordinate with police to pull them over so the suspect could be detained without suspicion.

Delmar called the phone number that “Mae” had provided during their first meeting. She expressed interest in purchasing more toys as an excuse to get the suspect into her vehicle again. Once the suspect was in the car, the women noted that they were confident “Mae” was Jackson.

“The confirmation was just too crazy,” Curry said. “Now the police know what kind of car we in, the police know who we got in the car, the police know what to do, they know where our location is.”

Their strategy worked, and police pulled over their vehicle and arrested Jackson. However, they still did not have Kason.

The mothers continued their investigative work by trying to find the missing vehicle. The pair located a bus ticket, which they believed was their “number one lead.”

Delmar and Curry searched every bus stop until they finally found the car. The women were overcome with joy when they observed Kason inside the vehicle.

“I look in the back, I seen baby legs,” Curry said.

A Columbus police spokesperson confirmed to WEWS that Delmar and Curry were involved in Jackson’s arrest and Kason’s recovery. IMPD thanked the women for solving the case.

Jackson was charged with two counts of felony kidnapping.

After the rescue, Kason spent the weekend in the hospital recovering. On Monday, he was released and brought home to his family.

“Mecka and Shyy — I appreciate you, my family appreciates you,” Thomas said. “What you guys did, it took courage.”