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Mother saved her 10-year-old from a school that covertly transitioned her. Now she’s fighting back and speaking out against the ‘medicalization of children’

Schools across America are affirming the gender dysphoria of children without parental consent.

While some educators have been exposed for intentionally confusing children on matters of sex and identity, entire school boards are doubling down, with some battling in court to keep facilitating students’ so-called transitions without telling parents.

When Jennifer — who omitted her surname for the sake of her child’s privacy — caught her school covertly transitioning her 10-year-old daughter; she rescued her little girl and began homeschooling.

In many similar cases, the cards appear stacked against parents, particularly those unable to homeschool but wary of strangers confusing their kids and putting them on paths to sterile, drug-dependent, and disenchanted lives.

Jennifer recognized that while her little girl was spared, she wouldn’t be the last targeted; that educators, school administrators, pharmaceutical companies, psychologists, and other power- and profit-incentivized parties were just getting started.

Recognizing that other parents may need help and that this is a battle worth winning, Jennifer and other parents are now going on the offensive.

TheBlaze recently spoke to Jennifer about the fight her volunteer organization, Partners for Ethical Care, is taking to the loose coalition of bad actors apparently eager to transmogrify children, usurp parental rights, and turn a profit at the expense of innocence.

What are the details?

In November, Jennifer told Wesley Yang, who runs the Substack “Year Zero,” about how her school first socially transitioned her 10-year-old daughter without informing her.

“The school was using a name that she made up, so not her name that was given to her, and different pronouns,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer’s daughter no longer used the girl’s bathroom. Had she been 13 or older, she would have been able to use boy’s facilities without Jennifer knowing, but as she was still only 10 at the time, she instead used the office washroom.

A school therapist would regularly meet with Jennifer’s daughter, ultimately in excess of five hours.

In these meetings, the therapist would reportedly employ biologically inaccurate pronouns in reference to the little girl and egg on the child’s temporary identity crisis.

One teacher went so far as to suggest that Jennifer’s little girl be assigned to a boys’ cabin at camp.

For the most part, the school elected not to keep Jennifer’s family in the loop.

u201cJennifer talks about how her school socially transitioned her 10-year old daughter behind her back.

— Wesley Yang (@Wesley Yang)

“It just felt so much like an injustice,” she told TheBlaze. “I knew I was gonna try to do whatever I could to push back against it.”

Despite fearing that Child Protective Services might break up her family, citing her refusal to accommodate the so-called transition, Jennifer ultimately pulled her daughter out. CPS fortunately never came, and Jennifer now homeschools her child.

Her daughter’s previous confusion, exacerbated by her LGBT friend group and by social media, dissipated over time.

While her battle for her daughter’s well-being was over, Jennifer’s war against the “medicalization of children” was just beginning.

Partners for Ethical Care

While Jennifer and her family enjoyed the requisite stability to homeschool, she recognized that not all parents have that as an option. She also suspected that soon, CPS and other state agencies would be weaponized against families antipathetic to the medicalization of their children.

“I do remember at some point, my mother’s saying to me, ‘This is so huge. … What are you going to be able to do?’ I said I don’t know, but if I don’t, who will do something?” said Jennifer. “Everything has to start somewhere, right?”

Jennifer noted that at the time, she wasn’t aware of some of the other groups committed to protecting children from the transsexual agenda but is now well acquainted with the work of Stephanie Davies-Arai of Transgender Trend and others in the U.S. extra to the “vast underground network of parents” committed to the fight.

Keen to do undertake an initiative of their own, Jennifer, Alix Aharon of the Gender Mapping Project, Jeannette Cooper, and several others banded together in fall 2020.

Jennifer recalled the sentiment early on: “We’re like, let’s start this organization. Let’s fight. Let’s fight the medicalization. … We were looking to create awareness because there didn’t seem to be much outside of our tiny bubble. And to gather stories to potentially help [in legal efforts].”

The group they founded is called Partners for Ethical Care.

“No child is born in the wrong body” is the understanding underpinning the work undertaken by the volunteers behind PEC, all committed to stopping the “medicalization of children.”

As part of its campaign to raise awareness, PEC shares testimonials on both its website and podcast from families adversely affected by transsexual ideology as well as from those who have “desisted” (i.e., ended social and or medical transmogrifications.)

PEC also provides parents with resources detailing methods by which they can opt their kids out of gender education programs and find “gender-critical” therapists as well as what to look out for in the way of deceptive practices widely employed by school administrators and educators.

The awareness and resource campaign is critically important, suggested Jennifer, since the fight against the medicalization agenda targeting minors and the true nature of the underlying problem is “under a media blackout, especially in left-wing media, mainstream media.”

Best practices

Jennifer highlighted three major ways parents can confront this threat posed to their children.

First, she suggested that parents should regulate and monitor their kids’ interactions online.

“The biggest thing is for parents to keep their kids off the internet for as long as possible,” she said. “My daughter did learn some of these things in an online forum — a drawing forum.”

Whether it’s on Discord or in online games, “The internet is a predator’s playground right now.”

According to Jennifer, both predators and the ideologically-motivated seek out the vulnerable online.

Narrowing kids’ exposure to content that inspires and promotes gender dysphoria online is important but only a partial measure.

Second, Jennifer suggested that parents need to stand up for their kids in their school districts.

Any ground conceded by parents regarding how their children are to be raised is ground that will ultimately be taken by bad actors. Thus, parents need to keep “standing up for their kids and trying to change the harmful policies” in schools.

“I will say it’s scary for a lot of people to go up [against school boards and educators],” she said, noting how parents critical of transsexual bathroom policies and the crimes they enabled in Loudon County, Virginia, “got framed as terrorists.”

Jennifer suggested that the PEC, like the parental rights movements combatting transsexual propaganda and policies in Virginia and the coalition of Muslim and Christian parents who recently sued a school board in Ohio, are not, contrary to the suggestion of some LGBT activists, “powered by hate.”

“We are not getting paid. We’re doing this out of love. We’re doing this because we care that much,” she said.

Third, “every parent should look into the gender policy at their school. Information is power.”

This can be hard, she said, because oftentimes schools keep their real intents and policies hidden.

The foundation for these three tactics is awareness.

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— Partners for Ethical Care (PEC) (@Partners for Ethical Care (PEC))