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‘My balls still hurt so bad’: Trans woman claims TSA agent ‘punched’ genitals — then airport apologizes

The John F. Kennedy International Airport issued an apology over the weekend after a transgender person claimed a TSA agent inappropriately accosted the person.

The trans woman, who goes by the name “Mara,” claimed on social media that a TSA agent “punched” Mara in the genitals during a security checkpoint routine at the JFK Airport on Saturday, “yelled” at Mara for having a penis, and “humiliated” Mara in front of everyone.

“[H]i so a tsa agent at jfk airport punched me in the genitalia, yelled at me for having a penis (?) and humiliated me in front of everyone after i told her to please stop,” the person, who goes by the name “Mara,” wrote in a since-deleted social media post, reported the Daily Mail, which saved the posts.

“[The TSA agent] followed me into the women’s bathroom and began talking about me to a coworker while I sobbed in a stall,” the person added.


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In subsequent posts on Twitter, the person claimed to have cried for over an hour, explaining, “[M]y balls still hurt so bad.” The person claimed not to want the TSA agent to lose her job, but instead wants “her educated and the entirety of TSA abolished altogether.”

Later, Mara said that Mara deleted the tweets because Mara plans to pursue legal action. Mara did not say, however, whom Mara plans to sue.

What did the airport say?

The official account of the JFK Airport responded to Mara’s accusations.

At first, an airport representative asked Mara for additional details about the alleged incident, including at which terminal it occurred and any identifying information about the TSA agent. Mara apparently responded, but the tweet has since been deleted.

The airport later apologized to Mara for the incident.

“Thank you for you response. We apologize again for your experience. Your comments have been noted and shared,” the airport said from its official account.


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TheBlaze reached out to the TSA for a response, but the agency did not immediately respond.

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