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New Mexico Dem’s proposal would require solar panels and charging stations in each new home, drastically increasing building costs

A Democratic state lawmaker’s proposal would force homebuilders to include solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles in all new homes.

Critics say the law would drastically increase the cost of new homes.

Sen. Bill Soules of Las Cruces, New Mexico, introduced Senate Bill 77 that would require new residential homes built after July 1 to include a photovoltaic system and at least one charging station.

Jack Milarch, CEO of the New Mexico Home Builders Association criticized the proposed law.

“Obviously, these things are in our future, and talk about the most practical way to do the best thing for the future today,” Milarch said to KRQE-TV. “But we’re opposed to these kind of bills that pushes too far too fast.”

Soules admitted that the law would increase home values but claimed that the difference would be made up by the savings in power garnered from the solar panels.

“It does increase the cost of the building a little bit, but it’s more than made up for on someone’s mortgage when they don’t have an electric bill because they’ve got solar already on their house,” said the Democrat.

The median sale price of a home in New Mexico has increased by more than 10% in the last year to $367,538 and has increased over 60% from the past five years.

Soules supports other green energy legislation in the state that would likely increase energy costs on businesses and individuals, including a bill similar to Senate Bill 77 that would apply to all public schools.

“Schools are government buildings and I will introduce legislation in January that all new school buildings will be required to have solar generation in order to receive state PSCOC funding. Solar reduces operating costs and greenhouse gasses,” he tweeted in 2020.

Here’s a local news report about the proposal:

Bill would require new homes to include solar panels, charging stations

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