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‘Night of rage’ protests erupt into violence across the country: Fox News HQ targeted, fireworks shot at police, pro-life woman attacked, journalists assaulted

Protests erupted across the country following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. In major U.S. cities, pro-abortion protesters violently clashed with law enforcement on Friday.

Washington, D.C.

Antifa-linked pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge vowed to undertake a “night of rage” after the Supreme Court’s ruling on allowing states to make the final call about abortion. Black bloc protesters wielding umbrellas marched through the streets of Washington, D.C.

The group chanted slogans such as, “If abortion ain’t safe, neither are you,” “If we don’t get it, burn it down,” “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground,” and “F*** the church, f*** the state, we won’t let them decide our fate.” The protesters burned American flags.

Footage from the protests were provided by Fox News associate producer Lisa Bennatan, Post Millennial correspondent Hannah Nighting, Washington Examiner’s Matt Miller, and TPUSA contributor Drew Hernandez.

(CAUTION: The following videos may be unsuitable for some viewers)

u201cu201cIf we donu2019t get it, BURN IT DOWNu201d nnANTIFA marches down the streets of Washington DC calling for violence in the streets after the overturn of Roe v Wade.u201d

— TheBlaze (@TheBlaze)

u201cu201cIf we donu2019t get it, burn it down,u201d crowd chantsu201d

— Lisa Bennatan (@Lisa Bennatan)

u201cLIVE in DC: Woman flips off and shouts at diners as Antifa marches through downtownnnFootage from @HannahNightingu201d

— The Post Millennial (@The Post Millennial)

u201cAntifa marching through downtown DC right now, dragging traffic cones and smashing bottles.u201d

— Matthew Miller (@Matthew Miller)

u201cBREAKING: ANTIFA lights an American flag on fire here in DC in the middle of the street | @TPUSAu201d

— Drew Hernandez (@Drew Hernandez)

New York City

At least 25 people were arrested in New York City during protests on Friday night. The mob targeted the News Corp building – the headquarters of Fox News. Video from Oliya Scootercaster shows vandals scrawled graffiti on the News Corp building and chanted, “Shame,” and “F*** Tucker Carlson!”

u201cPro-abortion Protesters arrested in New York City after blocking the roadway at an intersection on 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in New York City following the Supreme Courtu2019s abortion ruling to overturn #RoeVWadennVideo by Karla Cote (FNTV

— Oliya Scootercaster (@Oliya Scootercaster)

u201c”Fuck Fox” and “Fuck Capitalism” – aftermath as pro-abortion protesters stormed Fox News in NYCnnVideo by Ken Lopez (FNTV

— Oliya Scootercaster (@Oliya Scootercaster)

Los Angeles

Pro-abortion protesters shut down the 110 Freeway in downtown Los Angles. El American field journalist Anthony Cabassa captured the moment a vehicle drove through the blockade, and a man slams the car with a pole.

Pro-abortion activists clashed with LAPD officers. Fireworks were launched at police officers, and a man attempted to burn cops with a homemade flamethrower, Post Millennial editor Andy Ngo reported.

u201cBreaking: Protesters have shut down the 110 Freeway North in Downtown Los Angeles. u201d

— PM Breaking News (@PM Breaking News)

u201cBREAKING: PROTESTORS OVERTAKE FREEWAY, assault vehicles refusing to stop. THOUSANDS are now marching on the 110 Freeway North.u201d

— Anthony Cabassa (@Anthony Cabassa)

u201cHAPPENING NOW: Pro-Abortion protestors clash with Police, multiple brawls break out. nnLos Angeles, CA. MASS POLICE PRESENCE.u201d

— Anthony Cabassa (@Anthony Cabassa)

u201cTheyu2019re throwing fireworks at police in LA.nnThese are not u201cprotestersu201dnnThey are Terrorists.nnu201d

— Baby Lives Matter Benny (@Baby Lives Matter Benny)

u201cAnother angle shows a rioter at the #Antifa pro-abortion riot in Los Angeles using a homemade flamethrower to try to burn police. Antifa also throw an explosive mortar firework right at @LAPDHQ officers. A suspect who tried to escape was arrested.u201d

— Andy Ngu00f4 ud83cudff3ufe0fu200dud83cudf08 (@Andy Ngu00f4 ud83cudff3ufe0fu200dud83cudf08)


A pro-life woman was attacked and pepper-sprayed by Antifa, according to Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt.

Journalist Jonathan Choe said he was harassed by Antifa members – who knocked his phone out of his hands while documenting the protest.

u201cPro-life female ATTACKED by Antifa.u201d

— Katie Daviscourtud83cuddfaud83cuddf8 (@Katie Daviscourtud83cuddfaud83cuddf8)

u201cCHASED: I was trying to record Antifa trying to break windows. Then the mutual aid far left activists spotted me and pointed me out. This black bloc group may be most emboldened crew ever. Knocked my phone down but I picked up right away. Had to out run them. Iu2019m ok. #Seattleu201d

— Jonathan Choe Journalist (@Jonathan Choe Journalist)


Videographer Mason Lake was reportedly assaulted by Antifa while covering the abortion protests in Portland. Before his camera was slammed out of his hands, video shows graffiti at the federal courthouse.

There was a small fire lit at the federal courthouse in Portland.

u201cPortland: #Antifa assaulted live streamer Mason Lake at the pro-abortion protest. In 2020, they assaulted him multiple times as well.u201d

— Andy Ngu00f4 ud83cudff3ufe0fu200dud83cudf08 (@Andy Ngu00f4 ud83cudff3ufe0fu200dud83cudf08)

u201cMagically appeared outside the Portland Federal Courthouse.n#portland #RoeVWadeu201d

— Mason Lake Media (@Mason Lake Media)