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Obama attempts damage control after embarrassing video Biden goes viral

Former President Barack Obama had to do a bit of damage control Tuesday after his White House visit resulted in an especially embarrassing moment for the current president.

Obama joined President Joe Biden to host a health care event celebrating the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. Much to Biden’s mortification, video showing the president wandering alone on stage as the crowd surrounds Obama is being widely shared online.

Republican National Committee Research posted the video with the caption, “Literally no one wants to talk to Joe Biden … this is so sad.”

This is so

— RNC Research (@RNC Research)

Obama took to Twitter in an attempt to save face for the president:

Always great catching up with @POTUS. Thanks for all youu2019re doing to help even more Americans get access to quality, affordable health care.

— Barack Obama (@Barack Obama)

Some of Biden’s supporters argued the embarrassing video required more context.

Meanwhile, full context

— Mizako (@Mizako)

But many remained unconvinced:

“Full” context didn’t really help.

— DiZzyBee (@DiZzyBee)

That… Didn’t change anything? I don’t know what you thought you saw there.

— SleeplessTV ud83cudf49 (@SleeplessTV ud83cudf49)

What, his handler comes to rescue him?

— Jesse (@Jesse)

Are you serious? Nothing is any different than the previous clip. Talk about pulling straws.

— {ud83cudf1f}Lisa Stop The Insanity (@{ud83cudf1f}Lisa Stop The Insanity)

My favorite part is at the end where the woman ignores his handshake “in context” made it even more sad and pathetic

— Mike Richards (@Mike Richards)

LoL, this is even worse… He has to motion for someone to come to him. Then the one he tried to introduce turned back to Odummer

— Just-in For Fun (@Just-in For Fun)