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Olympic medalist says a homeless person attacked her with a metal pipe outside a Los Angeles restaurant

A Team USA medalist said that she was injured in an unprovoked attack from a homeless man outside a restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Kim Glass recounted the alleged attack on her Instagram account and showed some of her injuries.

She says that she was with her friend and left a restaurant when she noticed a homeless man that was acting strangely. He allegedly ran up to her as she was saying goodbye to her friend and threw a metal rod at her face.

“Before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like a pipe, hit me in my face,” she said on the Instagram video.

“It happened so fast, he literally flung it from the street, he was not even close to me at all,” she added, describing the man as having “hateful eyes.”

Glass said that bystanders held the alleged assailant down until police arrived. Police told KTLA-TV that the incident happened at about 2:30 p.m. on Saturday.

“I do have multiple fractures up here,” said Glass while pointing to her swollen eye. She said she had to receive a row of stitches above her eye.

Glass is 37 years old. She was a Sports Illustrated model as well as a public speaker in addition to being a former volleyball star on the U.S. Olympic team. She won the silver medal in volleyball in 2008.

The LAPD said a suspect was arrested without incident and they confirmed that the public helped apprehend him, but they would not confirm whether he was homeless.

Glass ended her Instagram story by warning her fans to be safe.

“I wasn’t ready for it. There’s a lot of mentally ill people on these streets right now,” she added. “You shouldn’t have to be fearful when you walk, but it’s true. So guys, just be safe.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

Olympian Kim Glass attacked, hit with metal pipe in Downtown L.A.