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PayPal bans Gays Against Groomers but permits pedophile support group on platform

In an update shared after Gays Against Groomers was permanently banned from using PayPal, the anti-child-sexualization group revealed the payment processing company permits groups that support pedophiles to use its services.

Gays Against Groomers posted screenshots last week that show an organization called the Protasia Foundation is permitted to use both PayPal and Venmo to process donations to its partner the “MAP Support Club.” MAP stands for “minor attracted people,” a euphemism for pedophiles. Both groups advocate for the acceptance of pedophilia as a sexual orientation, rather than a depraved perversion.

“While we’re not allowed to conduct business on PayPal, guess who is… an organization that offers a support group for ‘MAPs,'” Gays Against Groomers tweeted. “@PayPal banned us for being against pedophilia, but allow actual pedophile groups to use their services unabated.”

u201cJUST IN: While weu2019re not allowed to conduct business on PayPal, guess who isu2026 an organization that offers a support group for u201cMAPsu201dnn@PayPal banned us for being against pedophilia, but allow actual pedophile groups to use their services unabated.nn#BoycottPayPalu201d

— Gays Against Gru2588u2588mers (@Gays Against Gru2588u2588mers)

Protasia is a California-based progressive charity that claims to fight child sexual abuse in a “balanced” and “evidence-based” approach that reduces “harms caused to children and others” by “our society’s predominantly reactive child protection agenda.” The group states that “peer support for stigmatized populations,” or pedophiles, is believed by some experts to reduce sexual abuse.

The separate organization MAP Support Club is “a community for minor attracted people to find friendship and understanding among peers.” The support club operates a chat-based “peer-support network” for adolescents and adults who feel sexual urges toward children. Protasia partners with MAP Support Club and says it serves as the organization’s legal point of contact.

“Since the average age at which minor attracted people discover their attractions is 14 years old and since a large proportion of CSA is committed by adolescents against younger minors, this is an important endeavor in helping teenagers come to terms with their attractions in a harm-free and law-abiding way,” Protasia’s website states. “Adults and teens cannot message each other on MSC.”

MAP Support Club runs its own staff, according to Protasia, which has created open source software to help monitor chatrooms for illegal child pornography “as an additional safeguarding measure.”

Critics like Canadian writer Anna Slatz have attacked Protasia’s mission, highlighting how the organization seeks to mainstream pedophilia by campaigning against child pornography bans, advocating for the legalization of child sex dolls, and funding research for “fantasy sexual outlets” for pedophiles.

Gays Against Groomers complained that an organization that literally defends pedophiles is permitted to use PayPal and Venmo while their group, which opposes indoctrinating children with “radical gender theory,” is accused of hatred, intolerance, and discrimination.

After a bit more digging, it appears Prostasia is not a fine organization, and seems to not care about protecting c…

— Gays Against Gr██mers (@Gays Against Gr██mers)

PayPal did not immediately respond to a request for comment.