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Republican lawmaker checkmates Rep. Cori Bush after she blames GOP for ‘hate-driven murders’ of LGBT people

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) tried to blame Republicans for violence against LGBT people on Wednesday, but Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) refused to let her claims go unaddressed.

During a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing on alleged violence against LGBT-identifying persons, Bush outright blamed Republicans for fomenting deadly hate against the LGBT community.

Specifically, Bush targeted Republicans for passing what she described as “anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.”

“They’ve repeatedly — it’s absolutely disgusting — filed library book bans on doctor-recommended care, student organization bans, and sports bans,” she said.

Then, after asking one of the witnesses a question about such bills, Bush declared, “Hate drives these Republican bills, which in turn drive dangerous hate and violence towards our LGBTQ+ community. In Missouri, my state, we have seen multiple hate-driven murders of our trans siblings in recent years.”

In another question, Bush condemned the “Republicans’ obsessive attack on trans and gay rights” and drew an explicit connection between “the Republican crusade to target the LGBTQ+ community” and a surge in “hateful, anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.”

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In response, Comer noted that St. Louis, which is located in the congressional district that Bush represents, is plagued by violent crime.

So he wondered: If Bush is so concerned about violent crime, what about the crime in her own community?

“You know, I’m not even gonna comment on what Ms. Bush said, but I’ll say this: Crime is going to be a top priority for Republicans in this committee in the next Congress, and perhaps Ms. Bush could come give us some pointers on how she’s reduced crime in St. Louis since she’s been in Congress and what her ideas are to further reduce crime in St. Louis,” Comer said after Bush’s questioning.

“Wait a minute… St. Louis has one of the highest crime rates in America,” he observed.

Comer will likely become the next chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee once Republicans take control of the Senate in January.

Bush, meanwhile, is one of Congress’ most far-left lawmakers. She is an ardent supporter of the defund the police movement — even to the chagrin of her own party.