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Retired detective excoriates embattled, Soros-backed DA’s woke agenda: ‘She’s lying’

A former St. Louis homicide detective excoriated George Soros-backed circuit attorney Kim Gardner‘s woke agenda in an interview with Fox News Digital Monday.

“So no matter what you did, you arrest somebody, and [St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner] wasn’t issuing charges,” Roger Murphy told the outlet.

“Then the system broke down, completely broke down. The police didn’t break it down. Kim Gardner broke it down,” he said.

Murphy, a 26-year veteran on the force, retired from his position as a St. Louis homicide detective in 2021 after allegedly being placed on Gardner’s “exclusion list.”

Officers on the exclusion list are reportedly barred from crucial criminal justice proceedings. Gardner’s office will “decline to prosecute cases brought forward by some officers on the exclusion list if they were considered essential witnesses and the case could not move forward without their testimony,” the outlet also said.

Further, those on the exclusion list, purportedly for being deemed “untrustworthy” or “biased,” are under gag orders preventing them from discussing it. According to Murphy, speaking about it is a “fireable offense,” and officers are “terrified” of retaliation if they do so.

According to Murphy, Gardner’s use of the “exclusion list” was politically motivated. After he posted on social media about his objection to Gardner’s soft-on-crime approach, he was “blackballed.”

“I’m here 26 and a half years. Open all my cases up. Bring it forward. Why are you not reopening these cases? And the simple answer is because she’s lying. And it was a political stunt because she wanted less policemen on the force, less arrests, and it made arrests go down,” Murphy said.

“You really cannot be that incompetent unless it was a concerted effort to break the system down,” Murphy also told the outlet.

Murphy was referring to Gardner’s policies designed to shrink the criminal justice system’s footprint in league with Vera Institute of Justice, Fox News Digital reported. Vera Institute of Justice is a George Soros-linked private organization that reportedly paid to influence the district attorney’s office.

To partner with Vera, DA’s offices are required to commit to “reducing racial disparities” by at least 20%.” One means Gardner used to do so, the outlet said, was making the filing of initial charges more difficult by raising the bar from a “probable cause” standard to a more rigorous “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard used by juries to decide on convictions.

The result, according to Murphy, was that “no matter what you did, you arrest somebody, and she wasn’t issuing charges.”

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey called for Gardner’s resignation in February.

Friday, the AG said he expects a response this week or actions to remove her will continue, KMOV reported.

“At the end of the day, she’s unlawfully refusing to do her job and we’re going to hold her accountable,” AG Bailey told the outlet. “The men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line every day deserve re-establishment of the rule of law, and the victims deserve justice.”

“The cost of lawlessness and carnage in the streets is far higher [than the cost to taxpayers involved in removing Gardner,]” he also said.

Watch Fox News Digital’s interview with former St. Louis homicide detective Roger Murphy below.

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