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Road-rage mom driving with her young kids reportedly follows car for 15 miles, fires gun at car, hitting teen girl in face — then goes to get her nails done

A mother driving with her three young children reportedly followed a vehicle for about 15 miles on a Georgia freeway Sunday afternoon after apparently getting cut off — and then shot a teen girl who was a passenger in the car she was chasing.

Following the shooting, the mom went to get her nails done.

What are the details?

told WAGA-TV that 30-year-old Brittney Alyssa Griffith had been following a car on Interstate 20 after a road-rage incident in Villa Rica. The station’s video report indicated that Griffith followed the car for about 15 miles.

As Griffith’s vehicle approached the Chapel Hill Road exit, Griffith allegedly pulled out a gun and shot a 17-year-old in the face, WAGA reported. Douglasville police
told WSB-TV the shooting victim, Ashlyn Crouch, was in the front passenger seat of the other car.

One of the teens in the other car was able to snap a photo of Griffith pointing a gun at them, WSB said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The shooting victim told her mother, Dianna Crouch, the car she was in accidentally cut off Griffith, WSB reported.

“And she shot them the bird, and they shot back,” Dianna Crouch added to the station.

Crouch said her daughter is out of intensive care and in a regular room, WSB reported, adding that she said Ashlyn “was shot behind her ear, and it came out through the side of her eye …”

Judge says suspect got her nails done after shooting

Griffith turned herself in around 11 p.m. Sunday, WSB said, adding that detectives learned her three children — ages 4 to 9 — were in her car at the time of the shooting.

Griffith has been charged with four counts of aggravated assault, three counts of cruelty to children — her own three kids — and one count of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, WSB said.

The suspect was denied bond Monday morning, WSB said, adding that Judge Susan Camp with the Douglas County Magistrate Court said Griffith went to get her nails done after the shooting.

“That just blows my mind,” Dianna Crouch told WSB. “That makes me think she had no remorse.”

Crouch added to WSB that “people just need to take a deep breath, or just stay off the road.”

Mother arrested for shooting teen in face during road rage incident in front of young children

‘God has kept me protected’

Ashlyn Crouch, speaking from her hospital bed, thanked those who prayed for her and said, “God has kept me protected,” WSB reported in a follow-up story.

She added to the station that she knows if the bullet had hit her a few inches over, she might not have survived.

Dianna Crouch told WSB the bullet “missed everything that it needed to miss; God is good” and that her daughter’s eyesight is not permanently damaged.

Ashlyn Crouch added to the station that the incident also taught her a valuable lesson: “You never know what someone is thinking, or if they in they’re right mind. Stay alert and keep gestures to yourself.”

She also told WSB that she hopes Griffith finds God.