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Scarborough On Biden’s School Plan: He ‘Cannot Attack’ Trump When He ‘Is Scared of Teachers Unions’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, co-host of “Morning Joe,” slammed President Joe Biden on Thursday for the administration’s plan to try to get kids back in school.

“Health officials have said that, for the most part, the opening of schools should be encouraged,” Scarborough said. “They’ve said that over the past month or so, Dr. Fauci himself, has suggested as much. The Biden administration, catching flack for dragging their feet. And a lot of people are now suggesting that they are more interested in following the dictates of leaders of teachers unions than what health officials say. And then they trotted out some one, I don’t know, what, one day a week, three students, one day a week in a city of 15 million or something?”

“I exaggerate, of course, but it’s certainly what Jen Psaki trotted out a couple of days ago, a far stretch from what Joe Biden promised and a hell of a distance from what American parents want now, especially, let me say it again, with health officials saying children need to be back in school,” he continued. “Are they going to listen to the teachers unions? Or are they going to listen to health officials?”

Scarborough later added that “Joe Biden cannot, could not, cannot attack Donald Trump for not listening to health care officials, and then when he’s scared of teachers unions, he can’t not listen to health care officials who were saying it’s time to go back to school.”

“And this retreat a couple of days ago. I’m sorry, there’s not another word for it, it was pathetic,” he continued. “And it leaves a lot of parents hanging out there to dry. Again, health care officials are now saying that, that children need to go back to school. It’s nearly unanimous. The Biden administration has no other option than to follow health care officials do they?”

Later, when co-host Mika Brzezinski said that getting teachers vaccines would end the debate over when to reopen schools, Scarborough responded, “Well, but see the thing is, it’s not a debate, scientifically, it’s not a debate anymore.”

“But obviously that would solve the issue here at hand,” she responded.

“Well, the issue’s solved … the thing is, if you don’t want to follow science now, then, then you can still say there’s a debate,” he continued. “But there’s not a debate when it comes to scientists, that debate’s over. So, I’m just curious, do we listen to scientists now? Or do we not listen to scientists when it might upset some of our political allies?”

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