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Thug reportedly uses brass knuckles while bashing 53-year-old’s face after Bronx car crash. Victim suffers fractured eye socket, and his van is stolen.

A 53-year-old driver suffered a fractured eye socket after being repeatedly punched in the face after a car accident in the Bronx late last month. After the victim ran off, members of the menacing crew that surrounded him stole his van.

What are the details?

A Kia van — which the victim was driving — and a Lexus SUV crashed on Exterior Street around 6:40 p.m., police
told the New York Post.

Video shows the Kia van on the far right changing lanes while the Lexus SUV appears to speed up and attempt the pass between the Kia and an unoccupied parked car. All three vehicles sandwich together.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

After the crash, a group of six — including the 23-year-old Lexus driver, later identified as Miquiel Guerrero — surround the victim’s Kia, police and video indicated to the Post.

One of the group members climbed atop the victim’s van, and Guerrero repeatedly punched the victim in the face, police and video indicated to the Post. According to the Daily Mail, Guerrero was using “knuckle dusters” — or brass knuckles — while punching the victim.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The victim managed to run off while his attacker continued to pursue him:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Then two of members of the group entered the victim’s van and drove it north on Exterior Street, the Post said. Video shows two crew members sitting atop the Kia’s hood:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Although video doesn’t show it, the Post added that three members of the group took off in the parked car that was hit during the accident.

The Post said Guerrero stayed on the scene and was taken into custody and later charged with robbery.

The victim was taken to Jacobi Medical Center for his fractured eye socket and facial cuts, police told the Post.

Police are still looking for the rest of the group, all described as between 18 and 25 years of age, the Post said.

NYPD : Group attacks driver, carjacks vehicle

Other reported charges

The Daily Mail — contradicting the Post’s account, which indicated Guerrero was charged with robbery — said Guerrero was charged with assault, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment.

The Daily Mail added that police records indicate Guerrero wrapped a metal object around his knuckles when he punched the victim, who also suffered bruising on his face, nose, and back. Officials didn’t say specifically what object Guerrero reportedly wrapped around his knuckles, the Daily Mail said.

In addition, the Daily Mail said Guerrero “has since been freed” and is due in court May 23 on a misdemeanor charge. The Daily Mail added that it’s unclear if Guerrero has any prior convictions.

Anything else?

TheBlaze on Friday reached out to New York City police to confirm the Daily Mail’s report regarding charges against Guerrero — including the outlet’s assertion that he had been released — but the NYPD directed TheBlaze to the New York City District Attorney’s Office for answers.

Media relations for the city DA’s office on Friday did not immediately return TheBlaze’s messages asking for confirmation on the Daily Mail’s report.