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Tweeted and deleted: Is Dave Portnoy petty?

Jason Whitlock delivered a devastating blow to Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. Whitlock and BlazeTV contributor and professional troll Alex Stein discussed events that followed a Twitter spat between Stein and Portnoy over a video of Stein trolling the Las Vegas City Council. Barstool tweeted and deleted the video, prompting Stein to call out Barstool’s cowardice, tweeting:

It’s so cute that @barstoolsports is owned by @stoolpresidente who is accused of the most heinous things but they are too afraid to keep my content up

u201cItu2019s so cute that @barstoolsports is owned by @stoolpresidente who is accused of the most heinous things but they are too afraid to keep my content upu201d

— Alex Stein #99 (@Alex Stein #99)

Portnoy replied:

Buddy, shut the f*ck up. A gambling company owns us. We’ve had roughly 9,000 training sessions not to post shit like this cause regulators don’t like it… Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

A Barstool employee and long-time acquaintance of Stein, Ben Mintz, contacted Stein to let him know that he and Portnoy talked trash about Stein on a podcast earlier that day. After learning that a Barstool employee knows Stein, Portnoy allegedly fired Mintz.

Stein joined Jason Whitlock’s show to discuss the incident. At first, Jason considered the possibility that the whole thing is. A publicity stunt but found that Portnoy is just that “petty.”

Download the podcast here.

My Immediate Response to Allegations.

Did I call Stein? Yes I did. But I did it to back up @stoolpresidente & @barstoolsports against him! That was clearly a huge mistake but I did it to back up my boss & my company. I am SICK right now. This is the biggest misunderstanding!

— Mintzy (@BarstoolMintzy) August 24, 2022

In this tweet, Mintz reacted to being fired by Portnoy.

You’re fat

— Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) August 23, 2022

Portnoy responded to what Whitlock and Stein discussed on Jason’s show with a tweet: “You’re fat.”

Here’s the full episode where Whitlock and Stein discuss the whole explosive situation.

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