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UK health posts ‘director for lived experience’  job to create ‘brave spaces’ for $140,000 per year

Critics and politicians are aghast at a recent job posting by the National Health Services of the United Kingdom, offering up to £115,000 (approximately $140,000 USD) for a position called the “Director for Lived Experience.”

The job calls for an “interpersonally talented and strategic bridge builder” who is responsible for “maintaining the highest levels of Lived Experience Practice and amplifying the voices of those using” the service.

Critics came out in droves against the job ad, including Joe Ventre, digital campaign manager of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, a British “non-partisan” campaign for lower taxes.

“Well-paid non-jobs like this are a kick in the teeth for hard-pressed taxpayers,” he told the Daily Mail, which also reports that the NHS has referred to “experiencing racism or discrimination” as examples of a “lived experience.”

The salary for this role is more than four times the salary of a newly trained nurse in the U.K., who would make the equivalent of about $33,000.

The role, whose duties also include facilitating “cultural changes,” comes at a time when British politicians worry that the health care system is on the verge of collapse.

“Having worked up close now with the health service, I don’t think the model of the NHS as it was set up 70 years ago is sustainable for the future,” said ex-Health Secretary Sajid Javid to Sky News.

Javid previously said that he would cut jobs related to “waste and wokery” and demanded urgent action from the government to create better leadership at the health service.

u201cAre you an u201cinterpersonally talented strategic bridge builderu201d? If so, you too can earn u00a3115k working for the cash strapped NHS as a u201cDirector of Lived Experienceu201d. nAlternatively, we could scrap all these ridiculous non jobs and pay frontline workers properlyu201d

— Isabel Oakeshott (@Isabel Oakeshott)

The NHS also took plenty of heat in November 2022 for advertising a series of “diversity officer” jobs that totaled over $850,000 in the span of one month.

Sixteen jobs for diversity, equality, inclusion, and well-being officers were posted in October 2022 that could have otherwise gone to hiring upwards of 20 nurses or paramedics.

Annual salaries of diversity, equality, or inclusion roles typically double that of actual health care workers in the U.K.

New Health Secretary Steve Barclay has yet to make any comment on the issue of woke positions at the government agency.