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Video captures the moment Biden proudly reveals the REAL reason for wearing masks

President Joe Biden kicked off his trip to Asia with a virtue-signaling stunt-gone-viral as he arrived in South Korea. As he exited Air Force One, the president marched proudly down the stairs with a mask on — the outdoor stairs, with no one nearby — and then whipped the mask off to shake hands and chat closely with a group of roughly a dozen people.

WATCH: Joe Biden arrives in South Korea, wears mask as he exits plane by himself, then as he approaches another person, he takes it off.

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) May 21, 2022

A video shared by the Post Millennial has racked up more than 2 million views on Twitter, with many commenters jumping to the president’s defense by pointing out that he was following “the science” that says we should all wear masks on airplanes to stay “safe.” Thinking people, however, noted how quickly our commander in chief forgot what masks are actually supposed to do — unless, of course, their only purpose is to virtue-signal.

do you not understand the reason for wearing a mask?

— 333 -.= (@333 -.=)

Yes. Itu2019s to virtue signal.

— FunkyPox (@FunkyPox)

To protect yourself while walking down a flight of stairs alone. We all get it.

— Dr. President Elect David ud83cudf51 (@Dr. President Elect David ud83cudf51)

Yes we understand. Its virture signalling

— Yisraela (@Yisraela)

Yes, political theatre

— TheCentralScrutinizer (@TheCentralScrutinizer)

So, you can catch Covid from planes but not from people

— Joseph Landis (@Joseph Landis)

Youu2019re pretty gullible if you think he wore that mask for entire flight. He did have it on the entire walk down the steps and on the runway. He took it off as soon as he got close enough to breathe on people. Heu2019s either a virtue signaler or heu2019s senile. Pick one.

— Mimi’s Thoughts (@Mimi’s Thoughts)

BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey had her own hilarious take on how to address the left’s tiresome virtue-signaling and hypocrisy over wearing masks.


Turning the Tables on Mask Karens | #shorts

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