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Video: Good Samaritan yanks gun from hooded motorcycle rider trying to rob limping man who repeatedly hollers, ‘Help!’ on NYC sidewalk

Cellphone video caught the moment a man ran up to an apparent robbery in progress in broad daylight on a New York City sidewalk over the weekend — and yanked a gun right out of the hands of the motorcycle-riding assailant, the
New York Post reported.

What are the details?

The paper said two suspects were riding on a motorcycle and chasing a 28-year-old pedestrian before cornering the victim in front of the La Ruleta Meat Market at Nagle Avenue and Arden Street in Fort George around 4:45 p.m. Saturday, the paper said, citing police and
video posted to Instagram.

The victim was limping before the crooks caught up to him, video shows.

One suspect wearing a blue hoodie, who appeared to be riding in the rear position of the motorcycle, was holding a gun in his left hand as he grabbed the victim, the Post said.

The suspect punched the victim and appeared to try to grab something off his neck, the paper said. The victim screamed “help!” six times, video shows.

Police said the suspect fired at the victim but missed, the Post reported.

Help is on the way

Video then shows the good Samaritan running toward the scene from behind and going right for the suspect’s gun, after which the gunman punched the good Samaritan in the head, the paper said.

But the good Samaritan managed to pull the crook from the motorcycle and eventually wrestled the gun from his hands, the Post said.

The suspect was able to get back on the motorcycle before the other crook — dressed in a dark hoodie — drove the duo away from the scene as the good Samaritan gave chase to no avail.

Here’s the Instagram video:

The Post reported that the victim of the attempted-robbery suffered minor injuries, and emergency medical personnel took him to a local hospital.

No arrests have been made, the paper added.

What did observers have to say?

Commenters on the Instagram video were decidedly pleased with the good Samaritan’s actions:

“Hero right there,” one commenter wrote.”REAL MVP,” another commenter said.”He defended that poor guy who yelled help,” another commenter observed.”Citizens protecting citizens,” another commenter pointed out.”Let’s go,” another commenter declared, “about time.”

Anything else?

Police said the incident took place hours after two men on a motorcycle tried to steal jewelry from a woman
near the Guggenheim Museum, the Post reported, adding that the woman fought off the passenger attempting the crime, and the pair fled.