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Was ‘Can I change my vote’ trending after the last debate?

Many people on the internet have claimed that ‘Can I change my vote’ was trending on Google Trends last weekend – here’s the social media search explained.

The US presidential election will take place on November 3rd which means that there is just another week until people choose the next President of the United States.

Following the last debate on October 22nd, news reports and messages have spread which claim that people have been searching for ‘change my vote’ on the internet.

So, was ‘Can I change my vote’ trending? We did some investigation to find out more about the Google Trend search, as well as if you can actually change your early vote.

Was ‘Can I change my vote’ trending?

Yes, ‘Can I change my vote’ was trending yesterday, October 25th.

We looked up the phrase on Google Trends for the last day and according to the data, people in the US have been searching for ‘change my vote’ on Google.

As shown in the Google Trends graph down below, the biggest interest between October 25th-26th was in Idaho, Arizona and Rhode Island, followed by Oklahoma and Florida.

While Google Trends doesn’t reveal the exact number of searches, it provides an index from 1 to 100 which shows where ‘Can I change my vote’ was most popular.

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‘Can I change my vote’ search on Google Trends

The search was trending last week too

Google Trends indicates that ‘Can I change my vote’ was trending last week as well.

People from Idaho, Arizona and Pennsylvania were the ones searching the phrase the most over the last seven days.

A 30-day graph shows there was a spike in ‘change my vote’ following the last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on October 22nd.

Meanwhile, the statistics for the last seven days (October 19th-26th) show that while there was interest after the debate, the actual surge came in on Sunday, October 25th.

‘Can I change my vote’ on Google Trends, last 7 days

So, can you change your vote?

Some states allow voters to change their choices.

Inquisitr reports that people can change their early votes in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Connecticut.

For more information about voting and voter registration, you can visit the US Government’s website.

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