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What did Amber Heard put in her nose ‘right in front of God and jury’?

During the epic daytime drama known as Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against his former wife Amber Heard, the “Aquaman” actress took the stand for the second day on Thursday to make a series of disturbing allegations against her ex-husband.

Heard broke down in tears as she described the details of Depp’s alleged drug and alcohol-fueled abuse, which is why it definitely wasn’t weird when the actress lifted a tissue to her nose and did something that looked a lot like a scene from “Pulp Fiction.”

— MetaMan X u2122ufe0f (@MetaMan X u2122ufe0f)

A video of Heard’s not-at-all-suspicious behavior has been making the rounds on social media, garnishing nearly 4 million views in just a matter of hours. BlazeTV host Chad Prather shared the viral video with the caption “Yo sis. What you doin?”

Yo sis. What you doin?

Yo sis. What you doin?

— Chad Prather (@Chad Prather)

For reasons we can’t explain, some people on Twitter seemed to think Heard’s actions had something to do with Coke, you know, the bubbly beverage. Though why she would put that in her nose is beyond us.

Thereu2019s just some things you donu2019t do. Like eat a cheeseburger on the toilet but snorting Coke while youu2019re on the stand! Wow!

— ud83cuddfaud83cuddf8PhishieFromPhillyud83cuddfaud83cuddf8 (@ud83cuddfaud83cuddf8PhishieFromPhillyud83cuddfaud83cuddf8)

That’s a sneaky coke bump…nRight in front of God and jury

— We are We The People (@We are We The People)

— Gagewells01 (@Gagewells01)

quick bump on the witness stand?

— Dennis Gavin (@Dennis Gavin)

I thought you were supposed to exhale when you blow your nose. Am I don’t it wrong?

— Heather Fritz (@Heather Fritz)

Blow ON the stand. Balls.

— ud83cuddfaud83cuddf8Ultra-MAGA Minister of Truthud83cuddfaud83cuddf8 (@ud83cuddfaud83cuddf8Ultra-MAGA Minister of Truthud83cuddfaud83cuddf8)

Just a little booger sugar, NBD

— Some Who Call Me Tim (@Some Who Call Me Tim)