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Whitlock: University of Virginia shooting foreshadows America’s matriarchal future

You won’t be asked to say the names of the three college students shot and killed on the University of Virginia campus Sunday evening.

Lavel Davis Jr., Devin Chandler, and D’Sean Perry won’t receive the George Floyd treatment. They’re victims, not heroes or martyrs. Their murders don’t advance a political agenda or racial narrative. They’re statistics added to a familiar body count, another trio of black boys murdered senselessly.

According to the CDC, the fifth leading cause of death for black males is homicide. Murder doesn’t crack the top 10 for white or Asian males. It’s ranked number nine for Hispanic men.

Murder is a rite of passage for young black men. We’ve normalized it to the point that it’s celebrated in music. The only time we care is during the rare occurrence when a white man kills one of us while trying to exercise authority over our “black bodies.”

You know all of this. The hypocrisy is pointed out every time a body drops in Chicago or Baltimore or New York City.

So it’s no surprise that Christopher Darnell Jones Jr.’s name disappeared from the headlines as soon as media outlets learned he looked nothing like Derek Chauvin.

Jones killed Davis, Chandler, and Perry. Jones’ name will be as forgettable as his victims’ by the end of today. No one wants to talk about Jones, Davis, Chandler, or Perry. No one wants to discuss the implications of this tragedy.

ESPN and Fox Sports spent more time dissecting the ramifications of a Duke volleyball player allegedly being racially harassed at BYU than the death of three Division I football players. South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley canceled a game at BYU over safety concerns. I wonder how Staley would feel about playing at Virginia?

Black-on-black violence is so acceptable now that we no longer even debate causes and cures. Or perhaps we refuse to discuss it because the culture disagrees with the cure.

The destruction of the nuclear family is at the root of the violence plaguing black people. We should be talking about that today and virtually every day. The destruction of the family is at the root of nearly every problem plaguing America.

You want to know why the midterm elections did not reflect a repudiation of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party? Because Democrats realize American citizens want a society and system geared to serve irresponsible individuals rather than intact families.

Out of fear of being labeled racist or misogynistic, the media have failed to explain the full ramifications of a matriarchal society. The ramifications are on full display in black communities. A female-led world operates like the south side of Chicago. It manufactures emotional men with little impulse control and emotional women with little sexual discipline. Homicide – by gun or abortion – runs rampant.

Christopher Jones is yet another example of this phenomenon. His father divorced his mom when Jones was five years old. Christopher never engaged with his father again until he was teenager. Eventually, according to a 2018 feature story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Christopher went to live with his grandmother, Mary Jones. His aunt, Sandra Jones, was his most important influence. According to the same story, his father’s abandonment left him angry, solemn, and quick to fight. A good student, Jones’ temper provoked numerous school suspensions. He walked on the Virginia football team. He lasted a season before giving up.

Families are meant to be led by men. Nearly 75% of black children grow up in single-parent homes. The chaos created by this dysfunction shows up in academic performance, drug usage, incarceration rates, teenage pregnancy rates, and homicide rates. Corporate media promotes bogus research that argues black fathers outside the home spend more time with their kids than other fathers inside the home.

It’s all an obvious lie. The lies are backed by Hollywood fantasy movies and TV shows depicting “black girl magic.”

Female warriors in Dahomey, Africa, slay white colonizers and end the slave trade in “The Woman King.” The new Black Panther movie tells a story of Wakanda’s bald-headed lesbians partnering with the Black Panther’s sister and an American teenage girl – MC Lyte-weight – to fight off a Mexican swimming team. The same people who love to see heavyset, 51-year-old Queen Latifah jump off balconies and beat up men in “The Equalizer” are flocking to see “Wakanda Forever.”

This is the American future China is paying Hollywood to promote. The Chinese Communist Party wants all of America to embrace the matriarchy and Wakanda. The CCP campaigns for a Lori Lightfoot or an emasculated, secular man to run every major city.

China loves the American matriarchy. China smiles every time a fatherless American child turns murderous, every time an American woman runs to Planned Parenthood after a one-night stand, every time American men choose diversity, inclusion, and equity over the meritocracy.

Corporate media won’t talk about Christopher Jones because the puppet masters know where the conversation will eventually lead. The price tag for the disruption of the nuclear family is going to cost all of us the American freedom we’ve taken for granted.

Black people in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis have been paying that price for decades. They go through metal detectors before entering nightclubs. They have bars on their home windows. They pray their kids don’t get in a dispute with a fatherless child.

They’re prisoners of the fear created by the destruction of family.