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Yet another concealed carrier in Chicago wins the day in threatening situation, shoots 2 and won’t be charged

A concealed carrier shot two men Thursday night in an outdoor confrontation in Chicago and won’t be charged for pulling the trigger, Patch reported.

The shooting represented at least the third time in 11 days that a concealed carrier in the Windy City won the day in a threatening situation.

What are the details?

A couple was entering their vehicle in a parking lot outside a restaurant at the Chicago Ridge Mall around 8:20 p.m. when three men approached the couple, the outlet said.

The concealed carry permit holder shot multiple rounds at the three men, police told Patch, adding that two of the three men suffered non-threatening gunshot wounds.

Police believe the incident is related to an ongoing domestic disagreement, the outlet reported.

What happened to the trio?

Police told Patch that one of the men who approached the couple was arrested. That man — identified as Reginald T. Williams of Chicago who turns 24 Sunday — was charged with battery, the outlet said, adding that Williams also was being held on an unrelated arrest warrant.

It isn’t clear what happened to the other two men.

What happened to the concealed carrier?

Patch said it was determined following an extensive investigation that the concealed carry holder who pulled the trigger won’t be charged.

The outlet added that all the people involved in the incident are adults, and no bond hearing had been set.

Anyone detecting a trend here?

Thursday’s shooting represented at least the third time in 11 days that a concealed carrier in the Windy City won the day in a threatening situation:

Early last Saturday morning a concealed carrier shot two, foiling a possible attempted car theft in the heart of city’s downtown Loop.On Dec. 5, a 56-year-old man carrying a concealed gun fought back against a trio of armed teenage carjackers and turned the tables on them, shooting and seriously wounding two of the suspects, while the third broke a leg in a car crash.

Indeed, Chicago concealed carriers have been tallying numerous successes protecting themselves and others from the worst possible outcomes. Here are other examples from this year:

A 17-year-old carjacker died earlier in December after a woman carrying concealed shot him in the head during an attempted heist on the south side the day before Thanksgiving.In September, gunmen opened fire at partygoers outside a Chicago home and shot a 13-year-old boy in the head, but the victim’s 21-year-old cousin — a concealed carry license holder — pulled out his gun and shot back, after which the gunmen fled.Also in September, a concealed carry license holder shot an armed 13-year-old boy in Chicago as the boy allegedly was breaking into the concealed carrier’s car.In July, a woman with a concealed carry license shot at a group of males who pointed a gun at her as they attempted to steal her car in Chicago — and a 13-year-old male who was with the would-be thieves was shot.In February, a knife-wielding man in a Chicago alley approached a concealed carrier, who shot the man with the knife once in the leg. Police eventually used a Taser on the suspect and arrested him.