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‘You don’t believe in white supremacy?!’ Conservative triggers progressives in Vice News Asian-American panel

Vice News put together a panel of Asian-Americans to debate topics such as the “model minority” issue and “Asian hate.”

The panel of nine consisted of Japanese, Indian, Hawaiian, and other ethnicities that the host describes as part of the “Asian-American and Pacific Islanders group,” or “AAPI.”

“What does it mean to be Asian in America?” the caption reads. “From hate crimes to the model minority myth to affirmative action, a politically divisive panel hashes out the most controversial issues facing the AAPI community today.”

One of the panelists was Vince Dao, editor in chief of American Virtue, a conservative organization that says it stands for “order, justice and liberty.” Dao, who says he is 75% Vietnamese, quickly faced scrutiny from some of the other panel members for his refusal to agree with progressive talking points surrounding Black Lives Matter or the threat of “white supremacy.”

“Do you believe white supremacy exists?” a female panel member named Ellen, who describes herself as Korean-American, asks Dao.

“I think there’s people who believe in it. I think there’s people who all believe that their race is superior,” Dao responded.

Dao’s disagreement that the leftist purview of white supremacy is the cause of all cultural and socio-economic issues immediately sparked an onslaught of progressive litmus test questions.

“So you don’t believe in white supremacy,” another woman asks. “Do you believe America is a white supremacist state?” another man asks.

“No, not at all,” Dao responds. “No white supremacist state would even allow us to be doing this,” he continued.

The same man, named Ziad, who was the only panel member to mention pronouns upon introduction (he/him), then began inferring that the minorities that are seen in New York do not have the same general access to wealth that white Americans do.

“Are they making the same amount of money? Are they getting the same access to opportunity?”

Later the group discusses Black Lives Matter, with Dao pointing out that many Democrats “literally bent the knee” to BLM and George Floyd. The panel again immediately took issue with this viewpoint, spawning familiar questions such as “so black lives do not matter” and “do you ever say all lives matter?”

Vice’s Krishna Andavolu, hosting the panel, competently directed discussion toward Kamala Harris and her various identities, affirmative action, and the idea of “stop Asian hate,” a movement that accelerated after a string of attacks on Asians in New York City.

During the panelist’s closing statements, where some were shown using coloring books, one man revealed his shock when hearing that others didn’t support BLM. “I found it hard to believe that people think Black Lives Matter is looked at in some way as fake,” he remarked.

Other panelists revealed their support for Donald Trump, with Dao stating that he feels “the term Asian-Americans should be erased.”

Asian Americans Debate Model Minority & Asian Hate