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A HORRIFIC discovery could prove occurrences of infanticide in DC

A horrific discovery in a Washington, D.C., apartment revealed that the lives of five aborted babies may have been viable. The human remains were discovered in a box by pro-life activists from “Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising,” Terrisa Bukovinac and Lauren Handley.

According to a Live Action News report, Lauren and Terrisa arrived at Washington Surgi-Clinic to engage in anti-abortion advocacy. They came across a truck labeled “Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services” parked outside. The women knew what the boxes contained and asked the delivery driver if they could take one.

The driver inquired about the two women’s intentions regarding the box’s contents. Lauren explained that she planned to give them a proper burial and a funeral. The driver was satisfied with her answer and the box was delivered to Lauren’s apartment.

Live Action News explained that “five of the aborted children discovered in the box appear to have been viable human beings, raising questions about “potential legal and serious ethical violations by the abortion clinic of Dr. Robert Robin Karrueche.”

Pat Gray expressed how immoral it is that anyone can abort a baby and the barbaric nature of a person who has the heart to kill a baby after a botched abortion. “Do you leave it to die or kill it aggressively? It’s just unconscionable,” Pat said.

The activists alerted the D.C. homicide unit about the babies and surrendered them to authorities.

Based on the late gestational ages, the infants and parents are believed to have sustained injuries, which could violate part of the Partial-Birth Abortion Act as well as the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Live-Action founder Lila Rose said the “discovery of these babies is horrific and disturbing evidence of the infanticide that may be occurring in this clinic within our nation’s capital and indicative of the violence happening in abortion facilities Nationwide.”

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