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Glenn Beck torches ‘pompous a**’ Brian Stelter in HILARIOUS twitter tirade​​

A few years back, CNN’s Brian Stelter invited Glenn Beck onto his show to talk about why Americans have been losing trust in the media, but just minutes into the segment, Glenn was infuriated by Stelter’s gleeful “gotcha” question about the future of Blaze Media.

Fast forward to today, and we see Stelter desperately trying to defend his company’s $300 million disaster as the cable network’s streaming service, CNN+, plans to shut down less than a month after it launched. Meanwhile, Blaze Media has become the largest right-of-center streaming service in the world. So, can you really blame Glenn for enjoying “a little glee” after hearing about CNN+’s colossal failure?

Hey, @brianstelter perhaps you can join me on my successful global media streaming service to discuss your companyu2019s $300 million dollar failure. PS: I wonu2019t ambush you AND my statements will be based in FACT. So sad 4 U. Http:// #CNNPlusRIP

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

3. I am sorry @brianstelter for that last tweet. I just lashed out after hearing the news about the biggest media failure of all time, without thinking about how worried you must be about your upcoming unemployment situation. Please know you are in my thoughts. #CNNPlusRIP

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

5. And believe me @brianstelter – this is the end.I mean the breathtaking speed at which #CNNPlus crashed was a spectacular almost Ziegfeld follies end. That would be assuming that Zigfield had ever spent $300m on a show to only have it close in 8 weeks. But he of course didnu2019t

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

7. One more thing @brianstelter on #CNNPlus epic $300 MILLION 4 week flameout – the Hindenburg of media failures,please note, I only used Ziegfeld follies because i thought it would be relatable 2 you and your elitist out of touch New York City upper west side snotty co workers.

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

10. #CNNPlus @brianstelter perhaps it was Donald Trump? His 90m racist followers; the Nazis; Americau2019s racism; the worst thing to happen since the civil war; terrorist parents; white people; republicans; radical constitutionalists; Brent Kavanagh ,,, cont

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

12. Perhaps conservatives, u2018those who are anti government (Antifa not included) violet extremist, domestic terrorists, those who want to kill grandma, donu2019t care about other or those who want to starve childrenu2026 those who believe in God, read the Bible; straight out bigots

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

14. The biggest group that are responsible for the destruction of the flawless #CNNPlus streaming service: those people who believe that simply teaching 9 year olds about u2018strap onu2019su2019 and telling the kids not to tell their parents about your conversations makes you a@#groomer

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

Hey @brianstelter maybe you can get BlackRock to buy you guys up and then give people low ESG scores if they donu2019t watch your shows. Wow. That is really anti fascist! #CNNPlus

— Glenn Beck (@Glenn Beck)

On the radio program, Glenn, Stu Burguiere, and Pat Gray took a look back at how Stelter tried to “ambush” Glenn on his show and offered to return the hospitality.

Watch the video clip below. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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