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‘Leftists have suddenly realized what a woman is again!’ Pro-abortion zealots mocked for transgender crusade that’s harmed biological females

Leftists who’ve been losing their minds over the possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade are getting soundly mocked on social media for suddenly standing up for women after openly minimizing and marginalizing them through transgender advocacy.

What are the details?

The rise of transgenderism — and the lockstep support it has received from leftists — runs into some problems when placed side by side with abortion rights.

First we’ve seen a number of stories about transgender men — biological women who identify as men — getting pregnant. And since leftists by and large love that pregnancy is apparently no longer the exclusive domain of “women,” it would seem they’d need to stop holding signs that demand abortion protections for “women,” right?

I’m the Only Pregnant Transgender Male in Texas | Extreme Love

After all, they’ve been saying men can give birth, too — as evidenced by the last year’s appearance of a “pregnant man” emoji — along with pushing terms like “birthing people” and “people who menstruate.”

Pro-family group pushes back against ‘pregnant man’ emoji

— Fox News (@Fox News)

It culminated with Supreme Court justice-to-be Ketanji Brown Jackson infamously saying during her confirmation hearings in March that she cannot define the word “woman” because she’s “not a biologist.”

What’s more, now that men also can give birth, the decades-old mantra that men aren’t allowed to comment on abortion would seem to be wrongheaded as well.

And while not connected to abortion rights, the other huge transgender agenda item dominating the news of late has been the explosion of transgender women — biological men who identify as women — competing against biological female athletes. Incredibly many biological women, without embarrassment, advocated for it, despite such competitions consistently hurting biological female athletes.

Let the mockery commence

Here’s a look at the left getting ridiculed following the news about the possible Roe v. Wade overturn. First up is our own BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales:

And just like that, all the leftists have suddenly realized what a woman is again!

— Sara Gonzales (@Sara Gonzales)

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire had his fun, too:

For one news cycle at least women are females again. Itu2019s a miracle.

— Best Selling Biologist Matt Walsh (@Best Selling Biologist Matt Walsh)

The transphobia from leftists right now is simply staggering. Overturning Roe is “an attack on women”? It’s like you people have never heard of pregnant men all of a sudden. Absolutely appalling. #EndTransphobia

— Best Selling Biologist Matt Walsh (@Best Selling Biologist Matt Walsh)

And the hits just kept on coming:

By engaging in sophistry such as u201ctrans-women are womenu201d the blue team has lost all credibility as a protector of womenu2019s rights. In that context, arguments about the indifference of conservatives to the plight of women just sound delusional. #RoeVWade

— Bret Weinstein (@Bret Weinstein)

Others saw the left’s ridiculousness as well:

“Since ‘trans women are women,’ are they allowed to have an opinion on abortion, or are we still subscribing to the ‘no uterus, no opinion’ thing? Lolol,” one commenter wondered.

“It’s hard to hear pro-abortion rebuttals from the same group that won’t defend women’s rights from the trans lobby and from the same group that say[s] ‘men can be pregnant,'” another user offered. “All credibility and rationality has already be destroyed.”

“Transactivists have robbed women of the collective term ‘women’ so we can no longer speak about our rights as a sex class which has been oppressed by men,” another commenter declared. “Women now pretending to be ‘trans men’ have made it so abortion is now a mens’ rights issue, and this is the result.”

“Overturning Roe can’t possibly be an attack on women since we cant even identify what a woman is in todays clown world,” another user said. “What about all the pregnant men? How do they feel or do we not know what a male is today, either?”

Anything else?

If you want proof that many leftists remain true believers in this stuff, check out the deluge of tweets underscoring that abortion rights are for transgender and non-binary folks as opposed to women only.

Here’s a look at the scene outside the Supreme Court after the news broke about the purported leaked draft overturning Roe v. Wade:

Protests at Supreme Court after leak shows possible end to Roe v. Wade | USA TODAY