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Progressive NY politician complains about living in a ‘war zone’ over parked SUV and Twitter ridicule forces him to lock down his account

A progressive New York state politician complained about an SUV turning his neighborhood into a “war zone” and the ensuing ridicule from Twitter forced him to lock down his account.

“Genuinely cannot believe this is a car on my idyllic west village street. It is a f***ing TANK, and I don’t want to live in a war zone,” tweeted Ryder Kessler.

Kessler posted a photograph of the offensive vehicle and it was circulated widely among those mocking him.

Image Source: Ryder Kessler Twitter screenshot

Many on Twitter were unimpressed with Kessler’s complaint and they rushed to ridicule and mock his odd anguish. After about a day of ridicule, Kessler made his account private.

“Wait til the street cleaning truck comes down your block during alternate side, you’re gonna faint,” read one popular tweet with more than 2k likes.

“Funny you progressives are fine with gangs , violent crime , open drug scenes , tents on sidewalks But THIS you can’t tolerate?” replied another critic.

“Good thing you have the pronouns so we don’t mistake you for a chick,” read another response.

“Imagine how weak one would have to be to get triggered by the size of a vehicle,” read another tweet with more than 2k likes.

“I was gonna dunk on you but I looked at your profile and it looks like you’ve already dunked on yourself pretty hard,” replied another critic.

“Oh my. You poor dear. It’s a wonder you’ve managed to survive this long in this shockingly cruel world,” read another response.

Trendsmap analysis showed the top emoji included in comments to the tweet was “rolling on the floor laughing,” while the top hashtag in the comments was “liberalism is a mental disease.”

Kessler unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic primary for the New York state Assembly seat for the 66th district. He only garnered 3,666 votes, or 30%, while his opponent won with 69.8% of the vote.

On his campaign website, Kessler says politicians ignore their constituents in order to “prioritize the desires of wealthy homeowners and car owners.”