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Shocking: Police in Florida discover 93-year-old woman’s corpse in a freezer

Authorities in Florida made a morbid discovery last week when they found the body of a dead 93-year-old woman in a freezer in the garage of a home.

According to a media release posted on Facebook by the Sebastian Police Department, “officers responded to the 100 block of Paddock Street Sebastian, Florida, for a welfare check called in by a neighbor. The neighbors were concerned about not seeing Marie Hoskins for an extended period of time. Due to the growing concern for her well-being, officers were able to obtain a key to the home with the assistance of an out of town family member and made entry into the house.”

WPTV reported that Captain Timothy Wood of the Sebastian Police Department said that the family member gave information about a spare key.

Sebastian woman, 93, found dead in freezer

After authorities entered the home, they found a 64-year-old woman inside who told police that she had not seen her mother Marie for awhile.

But police ultimately found the 93-year-old woman’s corpse located in a big freezer.

“Once inside, officers located a 64-year-old resident, who initially stated she hadn’t seen her mother, Marie in some time. As officers checked the rest of the home in an attempt to locate Mrs. Hoskins to check her wellbeing, a deceased body was located inside a large freezer in the garage. The tenant of the residence voluntarily came to the Sebastian Police Department for questioning as Detectives obtained a search warrant for the house on Paddock Street,” the media release noted.

The police’s Facebook post said that “detectives executed a search warrant on the residence, recovering the body of 93 year old, Marie Hoskins, as well as, other evidence. Detectives are actively working with the Medical Examiner and the State Attorney’s Office on this case as it is still active at this time,” the release noted.