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Two Gallup PD officers injured after SUV careens through New Mexico parade and crashes into police cruiser

On August 4, 2022, in Gallup, New Mexico, a tan SUV traveling at approximately 60 mph veered up the Gallup Ceremonial Parade route while the parade was in progress. The street was crowded with revelers and onlookers taking part in the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial, a Native American heritage celebration now in its 100th year.

While the Gallup Police Department has indicated that no pedestrians were struck, New Mexico State Police noted that multiple people, including two GPD officers, were injured and treated on the scene.

According to Fox 3, the vehicle, said to be a Chevy Tahoe, smashed into a police vehicle and then careened into the front window of Red Shell Jewelry. One of the three suspects allegedly attempted to flee the scene on foot via Route 66, but was captured by police.

Gallup Police indicated that the vehicle and its three occupants have been detained. The suspects have been identified as Dave Begay, Jefferey Begay, and Davidson Begay.

In one video of the arrest, police can be seen yanking at least one suspect out of the crashed SUV.

Mad driver caught by police after mowing down many people at New Mexico Parade

Another video shows police detaining at least two suspects with the help of citizens.

u201cNEW VIDEOS show some chaos after a truck w/ 3 people inside drove through a parade route in #Gallup. Minor injuries reported from people running away. Thanks to Eangielene Leslie for this video.u201d

— Giuli Frendak (@Giuli Frendak)