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‘You’re literally a white woman’: Feminists on VICE panel trade blows over privilege, race

Yet another VICE News panel resulted in tense, verbal sparring as the latest rendition saw self-proclaimed feminists hash it out over topics like privilege, sexism, equity, and, of course, racism, both existentially and within the feminist movement.

One of the panelists, who goes by H. Pearl Davis, attempted to ask many times about privileges men supposedly have. Davis faced consistent replies asking her to clarify what she meant by her questions, though the other women never provided clear answers about what inherent disadvantages women have.

“What barriers in the U.S. today as a woman [are there]?” Davis asked panelist Omaris Zamora.

“As a woman or a woman of color?” Zamora replies.

“As a woman,” Davis remarks, only to have Zamora respond that she “can’t answer as a woman, I’m just not a woman,” she clarifies.

In another instance, Davis asked, “Women versus men, what barriers do we need removed?” which garnered a “that’s just silly” reply from another panelist before a lengthy diatribe about race structure in feminism.

“We only have one subset of women be the face and voice and the academics and research and everything,” said Antonia Okafor Cover, a popular activist for women’s gun rights.

Davis, who recently debated controversial commentator Andrew Tate, was the source for several other viral clips for her simple, pointed remarks, which elicited strong reactions from the other panel members.

“I think women want to sleep around and not have any consequence for it,” Davis declared, as other panelists cheered and celebrated. “Instead of having accountability and being on birth control, they just want to do whatever they want,” she concluded.

“You say this as if it’s a bad thing,” one panelist replied.

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Panelist Yelda Ali, who described men as “not well adjusted in this society,” added that others shouldn’t assume that every woman wants to be a “capitalist baby” and got into perhaps the most heated exchange with commentator Sydney Watson.

As Watson began to speak about women’s spaces being intruded upon by men, Ali began laughing loudly before launching into derogatory remarks about Watson based on her race.

“It’s frustrating, because when we try to talk about it, we get shouted down. We get told to be quiet. We get spoken down to as well. So, there’s hostility there for plenty of women,” Watson remarked.

Ali, with increasing hostility, replied, “You’re literally a white woman from Australia. You live in a bubble, and you’re pissed that voices that have been silenced forever can finally be heard.”

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— Dr. Sydney Watson (@Dr. Sydney Watson)

In closing remarks, an outwardly feminist panelist said that some of the others were “entirely subsumed in misinformation,” while another said that women need to “stick together and figure out what a woman is.”

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